These Caribbean Islands although a small part of the world both geographically and in terms of population are truly unique in history and heritage. This uniqueness is reflected in the treats we enjoy. The lineage of many of these Caribbean Treats may originate in Africa or China or India or Europe or even in the Amerindian cultures that Christopher Columbus met in the New World. These products have become truly unique within the melting pot which is the Caribbean.

Caribbean Treats (2010) Limited strives to bring authentically Caribbean snacks to our cherished customers all over the world every day.

If you’re a trinbagonian searching for a taste of your heritage, WELCOME HOME.
If you’re a visitor searching for a taste of the islands, WELCOME TO THE CARIBBEAN.

Caribbean Treats started from humble beginnings in the home kitchen of Mrs. Lillian Jeewan in Diego Martin, Trinidad & Tobago.

While on maternity leave from her office job, the young mother was interested in spending more time with her new first born without losing a needed source of income. Being a good cook and knowing at first hand the demand for snacks in her office she decided to make products to fill this market at home. Lillian made those first products from traditional recipes in her home kitchen in the mornings and sold them to office employees in the afternoons.   

Repeat business was good and the young entrepreneur was encouraged by her husband to label the packs of sweet and savory snacks. The search for a brand name was a simple one. Given her importance as raison d’etre, the brand was named after her baby daughter and thus the brand ‘Paula’s’ was born. The consistently good quality and unique flavors of the products over the years had customers asking for them to be made available in neighborhood stores for convenience.

Caribbean Treats was incorporated in 2004 and the business developed into a manufacturing operation located on the property adjoining the family home.

Over the years the brand Paula’s became synonymous with the highest quality preserved fruits and snacks that locals carry with them wherever they go in the world.



Fast forward to early 2010 and Lillian, now a grandmother, having given so many years to developing a legacy was ready to retire.

A new group of entrepreneurs had a vision to bring this iconic snack of the Caribbean islands to the world.

Caribbean Treats (2010) Limited (CTL) was formed with a mission to develop indigenous snack brands with growth potential within Trinidad and Tobago and the wider Caribbean.

Paula’s was the first brand acquired by CTL and the small operation was expanded both in terms of capacity and distribution. However the focus on quality and great taste has been maintained.

Paula’s Preserved Fruits can now be found throughout Trinidad and Tobago and in many parts of North America. We are proud of our past however we believe that our journey to bring Paula’s to the world has only just begun.


In November of 2011 CTL acquired the brand TD’s Honey Crunch. At the time this was a small regional brand developed by a cottage entrepreneur, Thora Daniel. Although a micro-enterprise we were attracted to the high quality of the product and its use of award winning Trinidad wild forest honey.

The product was rebranded as HONEY CRUNCH in 2013 and the product line expanded to include a range of honey roasted nuts and mixes.

One of the great attractions of the brand is that it is one of the few snacks to be found that have no preservatives. Honey Crunch is truly 100% NATURAL as the special label on each pack proudly announces.


One of CTL’s plans is to focus on balancing its continued development and development of indigenous snack brands with distribution agreements for imported brands especially where the products are unique and healthy.

To this end CTL acquired the sole distribution rights for Elle’s Sweet Tamarind in late 2012.The Sweet Tamarind found within an Elle’s pack is grown in Thailand and is naturally sweet…straight from the tree.


In November 2013 CTL was preparing to launch a new line of snacks of East Indian heritage. After much debate and customer surveys the brand ‘Caribbean Treats’ was chosen as the most authentic. After all, as our welcome message says, from wherever the snacks may have originated, they are each uniquely Caribbean in taste. Subsequently we have taken a decision to move our various ethnic snacks such as Toolum and Channa within this family over time.

The first official member of this brand, Caribbean Treats Khurma, was proudly launched in December 2013. As with many of our products the best description would be consumption…

We thank you for visiting the Caribbean through our snacks.
Caribbean Treats, making people happy, one snack at a time.