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  Caribbean Treats - The Brand
In November 2013 CTL was preparing to launch a new line of snacks of East Indian heritage. After much debate and customer surveys the brand ‘Caribbean Treats’ was chosen as the most authentic.

After all, as our welcome message says, from wherever the snacks may have originated, they are each uniquely Caribbean in taste. Subsequently we have taken a decision to move our various snacks such as Toolum and Channa within this family.

The first official member of this brand, Caribbean Treats Khurma, was proudly launched in December 2013. As with many of our products the best description would be consumption…

Fried Channa (chick peas) is a traditional snack in Trinidad and Tobago. Whether we are going to the beach or simply liming (hanging out) with friends, Channa is often the choice snack.

Paula’s Channa comes in three different flavors; Original, Spicy and No Salt. Each is spiced with our unique formula which includes locally grown Habanero peppers.

The finished product is available for sale both in plastic (PET) bottles of 340 gram or in snack sized packs of 60 grams.

Originally from Africa, tamarind was brought to the West Indies by Spanish and Portuguese colonists. The tamarind pulp was mixed with plantation sugar to produce the cheap indigenous snack Tamarind Balls which have been consumed as a savory snack in the West Indies for many centuries.

Paula’s produces this snack using its own hybrid formula including locally grown Habanero peppers for flavor.  The balls are typically 3 cm in diameter. We also offer tamarind Bites which are smaller ‘bite sized’ Tamarind Candy balls, about 1cm in diameter.

Paula’s Tamarind Candy comes in two flavors, Regular and Hot & Spicy. The product is available for sale in snack sized packs of various sizes.

Toolum. Born of the sugar plantation, this dark brown sticky ball of goodness is made from molasses, grated coconut and spices, all readily available on an island sugar plantation. This is one of Trinidad and Tobago’s (T&T’s) earliest candies.  It has been available on the streets of towns and villages for over a hundred and fifty years.

Toolum has a truly unique taste. If you’ve never tried it then this is a must do unique culinary experience. If you’re an expat craving a piece of home this will bring back childhood memories.

Paula’s Toolum is available for sale in snack sized packs of various sizes.  
  Caribbean Treats Khurma

Trinidadian Khurma is a deep fried dough covered in a sugar syrup while warm so that the syrup dries on the snack like a glaze. Although this snack tracks its origins to the indentured laborers who arrived in the West Indies to work on the sugar plantations, no equivalent dessert can be found in India. Like so many other indigenous snacks it has been transformed by West Indian Life. 

As a modern snack it is sweet, doughy and crunchy almost like a sugar coated deep fried biscuit.

Caribbean Treats Khurma is available in snack sized packs of various sizes.