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Paula’s is the premiere brand of Preserved Fruits in Trinidad and Tobago. We preserve locally grown fruits in a saline solution within 24 hours of harvest. Most of this fruit is purchased from individual home growers and consequently very little if any pesticides or fertilizers are used. Presently we preserve four fruits: MANGO, WEST INDIAN PLUM, SOUR CHERRY AND POMMECYTERE.  Once the fruit is preserved, usually a minimum of four weeks, it is then spiced and flavored: SWEET, HOT & SPICY, PEPPER AND AMCHAR. The finished product is packed for sale in plastic bags with adhesive labels in two principal sizes: 250 GRAM AND 85 GRAM.

FRUITS – Mangoes, West Indian Plums, Sour Cherries, Pommecyterre (Golden Apple) Paw Paw (COMING SOON)
FLAVORS - Sweet, Hot & Spicy, Pepper, Amchar
PRODUCT SIZES – 250g, 85g